Good, cheap fun

Do you find yourself with forced time off and less income to pay for the fun?  Are you trying to find ways to cut your spending?  Entertainment is on good place to start.  But like an over restrictive diet, no fun doesn’t just make Jack a dull boy, it tends to make him one who goes out and actually overspends!

So, here are some ideas for low cost fun.

  • Find the cheap theater in your area. We can see movies for $6 instead of $15!
  • Visit free museum days.
  • Go play at the park.
  • Find a romantic spot at the beach, lake, or even the roof of a tall building and watch a sunset.
  • Splurge on dessert out and have dinner at home.
  • Dress down your dining. We can eat at Wahoo’s for under $10 for 2 of us.  At a sit-down restaurant, it would cost us $30 + tip for the same amount of food.  We still get good food  just at less of a cost.
  • Eat out for lunch instead of dinner.
  • Volunteer your time. Find something you are passionate to do and go do it!
  • Get your friends together for a potluck, a progressive dinner, or an ‘everyone bring an item or two and we’ll see what we can create when we get together’ evening. Just be sure to state the rules clearly.  This is not high-end spend money event.  This is about time with friends!
  • Play a board game or card game.
  • Go on a free nature walk or city walking tour.
  • Check out the free section in your newspaper. Each week will have a few good ideas.
  • Call a smaller theater company and ask if you can come to the dress rehearsal.
  • Learn a new skill or practice one you have let go.
  • Call your friends and go play your favorite sport. Someone you know already has the equipment.
  • See what free classes are available near you.
  • Take a photography walk.
  • Go to the library and pick up books that interest you.
  • Go to the library and check out tour books of your favorite places. “Plan a great trip there” even if you never make it, it can be fun to just day dream about what you might do.
  • Have friends over and have each bring one of their favorite movies.
  • Start a video (or video game) transfer among your friends.
  • Day dream – either alone or with your significant other. Make a list of your dreams and goals.
  • Have a yard sale or donate things to a charity.
  • Not quite so much fun but still rewarding – tackle your honey-do list. Then when more money comes in you’ll be able to enjoy it without those things nagging in the back of your head.

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